The Team at Classic Bloodstock

“I try to match horses with the people, then give my people a little more rein. I have really learned to let them shine, and many have been with me for years.”

First and foremost, is the horse.

We don’t just say “every horse is different.” We treat every colt and every filly as a unique individual. And we favor a European style of riding --we are not hell bent for leather, and won’t rush a horse to make a sale. Most important, we are careful in matching horse to rider, and staff member to position. When a person loves what they do, they take ownership. There are a lot of “owners” who work here.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Florida shed foreman

  • Angel Moreno
    Groom/Night Watchman

  • Erin Walker
    Exercise rider

  • Iris Siegler
    2YO Sales/Showman
    Heads consignment, runs shedrow

  • David Csesnok 
    Exercise rider

  • Dawn Driggers
    Came via TRF program

  • Susan Montanye
    Breeze rider

  • Cooper
    Our Pony Horse
    Really earns his oats and never misses an opportunity for a meal. Stop by our sales barn to give him a mint.
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